jueves, 9 de agosto de 2007

Webcast presentation

hello people today i post my presentation for englsh.
it´s about communication in disastr situation.

and here you got the link


viernes, 13 de julio de 2007

interview questions

Hi dudes and gals of the world

here you will see the questions that i choose to answer in a job interview

1. Tell me about yourself
2. What experience do you have in this field?
3. What do you know about this organization?
4. Are you applying for other jobs?
5. Are you a team player?
6. What is your greatest strength?
7. What motivates you to do your best on the job?
8. Do you have any blind spots?
9. How do you propose to compensate for your lack of experience?
10. Tell me about your dream job.

jueves, 12 de julio de 2007

My dream job

hello again

this week,after a short break, i will tell you which is my dream job...

this is my dream job :

job in siemens

now you can see it and review

this is the cover letter that i wrote for this job:

Cover letter.

John Smith,
257 Park Avenue South,
austin, TX 12345-6789

Dear john

Recently I find myself in the position of been able to design networks and providing help to other people, so I believe I can handle that that position in siemens. You don’t know but I always wanted to work there, since I learn about you in the internet and all the work you do in the global society.

I have experience with working with network and communication design, also work with SCADA systems, also have experience with leading personal, I used to be lead engineer in the department of network in PRCEDATOS in maracaibo , Venezuela.

In studies I have a mayor in telecommunication at Rafael belloso Chacin University, also a diploma in instrumental and industrial process automatization, also have a certificate in networking be CISCO international academy.

You said that it will be need it a language experience so I speak fluidly Spanish and English and am medium French speaker.

I hope that fill your spectations about me, hope you read this letter and thank you for the attention

thats was my cover letter, and now my resume:

Sergio Portillo

Electronic engineer, major in telecommunication

Personal data:

Last name: Portillo Ochoa

First name: Sergio Andres

ID: 18.318.614

Birth place: Maracaibo

State: Zulia

Birth date: 05-12-1986

Age: 21

Address: 42 street, No. 15M-109, urb. La Picola.

Phone number: 0261-7573936

Cell phone number: 0416-0186394

Academic data:

Middle school: institute “Martin Luther King”

Grade: 6° (sixth) Maracaibo, Venezuela

High school: institute “Martin Luther King”

Grade: bachelor in science

University: Rafael Belloso Chacin University

Career: Electronic engineer

Major: telecommunication

At the moment: 9° semester

Grades: approval of all the levels with note higher than 18 points.

Sergio portillo

Electronic enginner

viernes, 29 de junio de 2007

Cover latter

hello again to all.

today in class we learn how to create a cover letter, a cover leatter is an introduction of why do you want a job that your appling and it a anex to all you doments like resume and curriculum vitae.

we also read this article http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/resume/Do_Cover_Letters_Really_Matter__20021115-1038.html?

viernes, 22 de junio de 2007

domingo, 17 de junio de 2007

martes, 12 de junio de 2007

a friend of my

Hello again,this time am going to talk about a friend of my, her name is Gabriela Gutierrez, she study graphic design at URBE she is 18 years old and live in juana de avila in maracaibo.
She likes pop music draw and her carreer, she also dislike waup early and the pasta. She dreams to be a professional,travel to paris and have a big family.

She likes English because it “let me communicate with the rest of the world”, that she said. Well that all I will see you again later bye